Monday 18 February 2013

Review ~ Lucia on Holiday by Guy Fraser- Sampson

Lucia On Holiday
Elliot & Thompson Ltd
March 2012

Lucia on Holiday


Guy Fraser-Sampson

The beloved E. F Benson’s, Mapp & Lucia series of stories has been recreated by Guy Fraser-Sampson in this new rendition, and is based on the enduring character partnership between arch rivals Emmeline Lucas and Elizabeth Mapp-Flint. In Lucia on Holiday, the social satire continues with a wry look at the English abroad, which is largely overshadowed by the rivalry which exists between the two main protagonists.

I am a newcomer to this series of stories, and so I enter into the discussion with no preconception of how the story should or should not flow, or indeed whether the essence of characterisation has been sustained, however, what I can deduce from reading the story is that the dialogue is both witty and stylised, and quirkily reminiscent of a bygone era. The larger than life characters, comparable at times to the farcical nature of P. G Wodehouse, kept me completely entertained. The droll humour is quite refreshing, and I found myself laughing out loud at the social commentary, which is wryly observed.

It is never easy to take on the mantle of a much beloved series, and I am sure that the Benson enthusiasts will be slightly more critical of this attempt to recreate a master’s work, but if like me you are a new recruit to this writing genre, then you may well be encouraged to simply enjoy Lucia on Holiday as a well written and amusing social satire.


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