Monday 26 November 2012

Review - Aris Returns by Devin Morgan

Aris Returns: A Vampire Love Story (Infinity Diaries Trilogy, #1)
Published by Broadlit
October 2012
Aris Returns 


Devin Morgan

I'm not a great fan of vampire novels but when this was offered and described as part historical, part vampire story,  I was interested enough to give the book a chance. Initially, the book starts off reasonably well, as psychologist Sara Hagan is given the opportunity to work with a troubled young man, Carlos, who is on parole for car theft. Using regression therapy in order to manage Carlos's anger management, Sara takes him back to his troubled past, where he becomes Aris,a two thousand year old vampire with some particularly angst ridden memories. The historical bit then takes us initially to the time of Alexander the Great, and then through time to the court of Henry VIII.
Overall, I'm not sure that the book works terribly well, or it could be that for me, this type of angst ridden vampire soon loses its charm,but either way the story really wasn't really something I enjoyed reading.

As this is book one in a proposed trilogy, I am sure that there are fans of this particular genre that are more than happy to commit to the series.

It's just not for me.


My thanks to Netgalley and Broadlit for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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