Sunday 10 June 2012

Review- The Reckoning by Jane Casey

I have been an interested follower of the crime/ thriller series of books by the author Jane Casey from the publication of her first book The Missing in 2010

The Reckoning

I have read all of Jane Casey's books and I think that this is my favourite book so far.

My Review 4****

When DC Maeve Kerrigan is called upon to assist in the investigation into the violent deaths of several known paedophiles, she is immersed in a shady and sordid world of corruption and vice. Working alongside her new colleague DI Josh Derwent is never going to be easy , as Derwent's alpha male characteristics are more of an irritation than a help. Nevertheless, Maeve and her colleagues get drawn into a dark and dangerous world, where they need to keep one step ahead of the killer, but time is running out...

I think that Jane Casey got the characterisation in this novel absolutely spot on, there was enough graphic detail to satisfy the most prurient of observers, and yet there was an underlying tenderness in the relationship between Kerrigan, and her on-off love relationship with a fellow colleague, DC Rob Langton.

I found that I really couldn't put this book down, the twists and turns of the plot were nicely explored and the ending when it came took me completely by surprise.

The Missing

The Burning

The Last Girl
The Reckoning

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