Sunday 8 April 2012

Review - The First Day of the Rest of My Life by Cathy Lamb

I first discovered Cathy Lamb in 2009 , when I read her debut novel, Julia's Chocolates, which was a wise and witty look at the relationship women can have with each other. 

The First day of the Rest of My life


Cathy Lamb

The First day of the Rest of My Life
Allison & Busby (12 Jan 2012) 

Madeline O'Shea is a successful life coach, she tells other people how to deal with their lives and yet underneath the veneer lies a lost and stolen childhood. For decades Madeline has lived with the awful fear that her secrets will be revealed, and she seeks, as always to protect her younger sister from further harm. When an avaricious reporter starts to uncover the uncomfortable truth, Madeline is aware that she needs to start taking control of her own life.
But Madeline and Annie are not the only ones with secrets  ..

I read this book over the space of twenty four hours, it was uncomfortable reading at times, but I simply couldn't stop turning the pages. Madeleine and Annie will steal your heart and enter your subconscious in such a way that you will never ever forget them. I think that this book is one of the best books I have read about damaged children. It leaves you with the notion that love will overcome pure evil, as long as you can face up to your fears, and learn to believe in love again.

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