Tuesday 24 April 2012

Review - Celtic Storms by Delaney Rhodes

My thanks to NetGalley and YouDoPR--DR Publishing for a digital copy to read and review.

Celtic Storms


Delaney Rhodes

Celtic Steel Series, Book 1
Celtic Storms (Celtic Steel, #1)
YouDoPR--DR Publishing
Published February 2012

Synopsis from Goodreads

Darina O'Malley watched the sun set in the bay from the great tower in O'Malley castle. She said a silent prayer for her cousin, Kyra, hoping the message that was delivered to the MacCahan's did not spell sudden doom for her and her people. If what her Uncle Ruarc had told her was true, she was to be married to a stranger in nearly a fortnight, and her world would turn upside down.
The realization that her clan held secrets which could destroy them forever - chilled her blood.

My Review. 2stars **

The only disadvantage with receiving early reading digital copies is that the book you are reading is not always the finished article, and can suffer from grammatical errors and disjointed text. This can then seem like you are putting together a literary jigsaw puzzle. Such is the case with Celtic Storms, the beginning of the book jumps around all over the place and there are so many characters appearing, it's difficult to keep track without losing interest. The book eventually settles down and becomes a fairly mediocre read, filled with mists and mysticism, paganism and witchcraft with an underlying theme of love and passion.
I grew to like some of the characters, Patrick struck me as one of the good guys, he had some depth of character whereas the female lead irritated me beyond words and appeared to be trying too hard to be "gung ho"..

There is the premise of a good book somewhere in here, it just took me a while to find glimpses of it, and by the time I had found it I had almost given up.

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