Thursday, 21 July 2011

Review of The Secrets Between Us by Louise Douglas

I was asked to review this book for newbooks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
jaffa's rating 5paws

Sarah has escaped on holiday to Sicily to recuperate following a traumatic event, and whilst there she meets the enigmatic Alexander, and his young son Jamie. Against the better judgement of her family, Sarah follows Alexander to his home in a small Somerset village, and becomes his lover, his housekeeper, and nanny to Jamie. This idyll, however, is marred by the continuing mystery of the disappearance of Alexander’s beautiful wife, Genevieve.

Reminiscent of the Gothic splendour of a modern day Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, I thought that this was a really accomplished novel. Louise Douglas certainly knows how to write a good story and involves the reader in an imaginative and consuming way. The plot is twisted and convoluted right to the very end, and yet is beautifully atmospheric, with some genuinely creepy moments. The characterisation is subtle, and yet all consuming as we begin genuinely to care for Alexander who is flawed and vulnerable, Jamie who is damaged and precocious, and Sarah, who whilst fighting her own demons, must try and keep this family together.

The Secrets between Us is a haunting and passionate love story, which will entertain and keep you guessing from the opening page.

I've now read all of Louise Douglas's books and this is by far my favourite, it's dark, creepy and wonderfully it when you can.

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