Saturday, 30 July 2011

Books in my Month...

It's that time of the month again when I round up the books I have read and enjoyed this month -

Here they are :

Pride and Premiership ~ Michelle Gayle. Aimed at the YA market - it's a story about a young girl who wants to be a WAG, and marry a premier league footballer. Nicely written and with a subtle warning that we should be careful what we wish for. I am sure that teenage girls will enjoy this one.

Deliverance from Evil ~ Frances Hill. - it's a story about the Salem witch trial of 1692 and adds some new insight into this difficult time in American history. I enjoyed the second half of the book rather more than the first,as it took a while to get to know all the characters.

Alice Bliss ~ Laura Harrington - It's a story about love, and military loss -sensitively told through the eyes of 15yr old Alice Bliss. I thought that this book covered a very sad subject very well and conveyed an important message that those we love are never really lost to us.

The Stonehenge Legacy ~ Sam Christer - It's a story about a secret cult, murder and mystery with Stonehenge at it's heart. If you suspend belief at times this story develops into a really exciting romp and I enjoyed it right to the very end.

That's Another Story ~ Julie Walters - a rather interesting autobiography from this talented actress

Florence and Giles ~ John Harding - it's a chilly little story -reminiscient of Henry James' Turn of the Screw

The Absolutist ~ John Boyne - a beautifully written book about WW1 and is MY BOOK Of THE MONTH. I have written about this book already - it's such a poignant and emotive story which has stayed with me , and I suspect it will remain with me for a while.

The Secrets between us ~ Lousie Graham - It's a story about an unsolved mystery, and obsessive love, set in beautiful Somerset

Sisters ~ Rosamund Lupton- It's a murder/mystery with an unexpected twist at the end, which to be honest I didn't see coming at all.

The Midwife's Confession ~ Diane Chamberlain- it's a story about secrets and lies, and the way we never really "know" someone

The Confessions of Catherine de Medici ~ C W Gortner - It's a good look at the life of this fascinating Queen.

Chasing Fire ~ Nora Roberts - It's a story about Smoke Jumpers in Montana, with a hint of suspense and romance. Nora Roberts can write a good story and this one certainly kept me turning the pages. I sort of guessed who dunnit , but that didn't spoil the ending at all.

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