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πŸ“– Book Review ~ The Split by S E Lynes


8 March 2024

My thanks to the publisher for my copy of this book

The end of our marriage was only the beginning…

Last night, we celebrated our anniversary. Over candlelight, we talked about the children, our work, and I was so happy, and felt so loved.

But the next morning, when I check my phone, there is a message. From a friend. And a string of photos appear of my husband, Will, with another woman: walking along the street holding hands. Going into fancy hotels. Standing at a window, his arms around her, her head on his shoulder…

I beg Will to tell me what’s going on. But all he can say is that it’s not what I think. As if the betrayal wasn’t bad enough, he won’t even be honest with me.

And now there’s someone watching our house. Will is acting like a stranger and I think he’s following me. I can’t trust him anymore, and I desperately need to know who sent me those photos and why.

But maybe Will is telling the truth.

Maybe it’s not what I think.

Because the more our pain stops us talking, and the more the two of us tear each other apart, the more I wonder if I ever knew him at all – and what I’ll have to risk to protect my children.

And when at last the secrets are revealed, will the truth save our family, or destroy us all?

πŸ“– My Review..

After a perfect evening to celebrate their wedding anniversary Jessica is devastated when, the following morning, she receives photographs on her phone which show her husband Will with another woman. Refusing to accept that there could be a plausible explanation for the photographs Jessica insists that Will leaves their home and two children and refuses to listen to any of his explanations. Will is devastated by the mess which has been created and when he is offered a lifeline by a kind stranger, he soon discovers, to his cost, that there are many facets to kindness and not all of them are good ones.

Cleverly written, in a story which grips from the very beginning this is a salutary story of what happens when you get drawn into a world which you cannot control and of the terrible consequences which follow deadly mistakes. Filled with secrets and lies The Split is another intricately crafted psychological suspense story from a talented writer who, with each successive story, just gets better and better.

About the Author

Formerly a BBC producer, after gaining an MA in Creative Writing, S. E. Lynes became a Creative Writing Tutor at Richmond Adult Community College and now combines writing, mentoring and lecturing.

Twitter @SELynesAuthor #TheSplit


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