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πŸ“– Book review ~ Six Days by Dani Atkins

14 April 2022

My thanks to the publishers for my copy of this book

Two people. One love story. Six days.

He loves me... He loves me not... He loves me...

Gemma knows that she and Finn are destined to be together. They are soulmates. But then, on their wedding day, he never arrives at the church.

Gemma is convinced Finn wouldn't abandon her like this, even though he has disappeared once before. But back then he had a reason. She feels sure something terrible has happened, but no one else is convinced. Even the police aren't concerned, telling Gemma most people who disappear usually turn up in a week... assuming they want to be found, that is.

For the next six days Gemma frantically searches for Finn, even though every shocking revelation is telling her to give up on him. Before long, even she begins to doubt her own memories of their love.

πŸ“– My Review...

Gemma should have been marrying her soul mate but when Finn doesn't show up at the church on the day of their wedding, Gemma is left heartbroken but determined to find out why her fiancΓ© has disappeared. Gemma is convinced that Finn wouldn't just abandon her but as time goes on it seems she is the only one who thinks this. Over the course of the eponymous six days we get to follow Gemma as she attempts to unravel the mess that Finn has left behind.

The story moves gently between the past and present as we get to learn more about Finn and Gemma as people, discovering how they initially came together and then gradually over time we start to see their complex relationship develop. The enemies to lovers angle of the story works well with both characters imprinting their personalities on the page.

Overall I enjoyed reading Six Days, the author writes about relationships with a fine eye for detail. I enjoyed putting together all the jigsaw pieces of the puzzle which is as complicated as Finn and Gemma's relationship. Emotional, and heartbreaking in places, Six Days is one of those lovely stories which stays with after you close the last page.

🍡Best Read and cup cakes

 About the Author

Dani Atkins is an award-winning novelist. Her 2013 debut FRACTURED (published as THEN AND ALWAYS in North America) has been translated into sixteen languages and has sold more than half a million copies since first publication in the UK.

Dani is the author of five other bestselling novels (THE STORY OF US, OUR SONG, THIS LOVE, WHILE I WAS SLEEPING and A MILLION A DREAMS) and PERFECT STRANGERS, a standalone eBook novella. In 2018, THIS LOVE won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award at the RNA awards in London.

Dani lives in a small village in Hertfordshire with her husband, one Siamese cat and a very soppy Border Collie.

Twitter @AtkinsDani #SixDays


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