Friday 18 February 2022

πŸ“– Feature Friday with Jaffareadstoo ~ The Awakenings by Sarah Maine

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Hodder & Stoughton
17 March

My thanks to the publishers for my copy of this book

Yorkshire, 1890. Having lost her father and brothers in tragic circumstances, Olwen Malkon is forced to leave her childhood home to live with her uncle's family. In his chill vicarage, however, she fears that she is also losing her mind, as strange dreams take her into the life of Γ†lfwyn, a woman from a distant past whose fate is overshadowed by menace and betrayal.

In the grip of these afflictions, Olwen finds sympathy with the local doctor, John Osbourne, who is intrigued by her case. Suspecting darker undercurrents are at work, John comes into conflict with Olwen's family, who dismiss her as a hysteric and, when he seeks to protect her, with the law.

As the dreams intensify, danger awaits them both. But when they begin to mirror reality, she and John start to suspect that it is these visions of the past which hold the answers.


I have to admit that this one initially drew me in by its cover, is that shallow of me ? I think that the house on the cover reminded me of the Haworth Parsonage which was once the home of the Bronte sisters. The brooding Yorkshire setting and the prospect of a dual time mystery with visions from the past is what really appeals to me. I was especially delighted when the publishers offered me a proof copy, I haven't seen any reviews of this one which is always refreshing.. 

So as they this space..

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The Awakenings is available to pre-order from wherever you buy books.

Sarah Maine was born in England but grew up partly in Canada before returning to England for university. She studied archaeology and for many years worked in the profession but is now a freelance writer and researcher.

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