Monday 21 February 2022

Blog Tour ~ The Sound at the End by Kirsty Logan


13 January 2022

My thanks to Audible and Midas PR for the opportunity to listen to this audio recording
and for the invitation to the blog tour.

A chilling, immersive audio experience, The Sound at The End follows the eclectic crew of an Arctic research base and the newcomer who may uncover the secrets they’re each desperate to outrun, written by award-winning novelist Kirsty Logan and performed by a full cast.

On a near-abandoned research base in an Arctic ice field, a skeleton crew works to ensure the center doesn’t collapse amid treacherous storms. Officially, Trieste Grayling arrives in order to explore and film a sunken shipwreck for a documentary film; privately, she's working through a complicated grief. Trieste soon realizes she's not the only one who was attracted to this intense isolation in order to escape her ghosts.

Each of the crew members harbor dark secrets: Mal, the ever-competent medic conducting mysterious therapy sessions; Sweetie, the reclusive engineer with scarred hands; Thorsteinn, the aloof diver tender; Avelina, the temperamental base manager whose stories of home don't quite add up; Grace, an underwater welder and recovering addict; and Judd, the erratic former member of a ‘90s boy band. As they begin to reach breaking point, each one's hidden ghosts finally comes into the light.

My Review ..

The Sound at the End is a completely absorbing audio book experience with a chilling and haunting story at its heart. Atmospheric, and ice cold, the brooding nature of the Arctic ice field, the isolation of the near abandoned research station, complete with belligerent polar bears, comes to life in this Audible Original production. 

The mystery at the heart of the story is revealed gradually and once I got used to the different narrators, all of whom do a great job of bringing the characters to life, I found the rather claustrophobic effect of living life confined together in a small space really well done. 

The characters who make this such a compelling listen are all very complex which is certainly conveyed by the individual narrators in the tone of their voices and their unique mannerisms which make the whole experience so immersive. I found Trieste, she's the one we hear the most, to be an interesting mixture of naivety, and foolhardiness, especially in her interaction with the other characters who, it would seem, all have something to hide. 

I don't want to recount any of the specifics of story as I think this audio production is better listened to without any preconceived notion of where the story is heading. However, I will say that I found the story fascinating and the immersive nature of the background sounds add an absorbing dimension to the overall brooding nature of this haunting, and well crafted, thriller.

Narrated by : Lisa Carrucio Came, Alexiane Cazenave, Don Gilet, Laurel Kefkow, Freya Meva, Yasmin Mwanza, Clive Russell

Listening time :10 hrs 35 minutes.

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