Friday 19 November 2021

πŸ“– Blog Tour ~ Newport Writers ~ An anthology of poetry and prose



Welcome to our first anthology.

Since the group started, it has always been Tony’s vision to put together a collection of stories and poems penned by our members.

Please proceed with caution – these short stories and poems will introduce you to the alternative side of Newport: ghostly grandparents, a displaced porpoise, a little bit of Welshness, two philosophical security guards, a child whose food plays music, the awesome side of autism, a woman who made teddy bears in a concentration camp, and much more.

Take a whirlwind tour through bereavement, love, regret and parenthood. Laugh and defy fate as you run the gamut of life’s experiences – seen through the eyes of a bunch of writers who celebrate their individuality.

You will meet a diverse group of people who enjoy what they do and want to share it with you.

We invite you to sit back with a cuppa or maybe something stronger, relax and enjoy what promises to be a whirlwind ride.

πŸ“– My Thoughts..

I am always in awe of people who find time in their busy lives to put pen to paper and this collection of stories has been penned by folk who find the time to write for the pleasure it brings to them and despite doing other things, they find time to meet and share ideas.

Newport Writers brings together the work of a group of writers whose passion for writing comes across. Throughout the collection there is an interesting mix of styles and topics, some are funny and made me smile, whilst others are a little more thoughtful and made me stop to consider. As with any collection there were pieces which I felt worked better than others, some short stories left me wanting more whilst a couple could have been developed a little further but overall I think that the collection works well. 

I always like to have a mixed collection of short stories and poems in my arsenal of stuff to read in an emergency - namely those times when you find yourself whiling away the time in a coffee shop or waiting for an appointment and this collection would be a great distraction for just those moments. 

This eclectic mix of short stories, flash fiction and poetry have been penned with a great deal of enthusiasm for the simple joy of writing and for the pleasure of sharing their thoughts with a wider audience.

About the Writers

We are a diverse group from south Wales with over 20 members, covering a broad age range and a variety of styles within the sphere of writing. We include poets, novelists, writers of flash fiction and short stories, plays and film scripts.

We published an anthology in February 2020 entitled Newport Writers – An anthology of poetry and prose. Available from Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

We met on Zoom during the pandemic, but have now found a venue in central Newport where we can get together with plenty of space for social distancing.

We hold an Open Mic night once a month at popular Newport coffee shop Horton’s, and in the summer of 2021 we participated in several spoken word events.

Some members of our group are available to read and offer critique, and we have a proofreader among our membership. 

Email us at

Facebook: Newportwritersgroup

Twitter: @NewportWriters



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