Friday 12 March 2021

πŸ“– A Life in Words ~ Ursula Bloom Podcast

Ursula Bloom

My thanks to Ian Skillicorn for permission to feature this podcast 

Ursula Bloom: A Life in Words, is a five-part podcast based on the autobiographical writing of bestselling author Ursula Bloom. The podcast is part of a current revival of Ursula's work. Wyndham Books is reissuing her novels (as ebooks, with paperbacks to follow) and the British Library recently chose one of her novels (writing as Mary Essex) for its acclaimed Women Writers series.

Ursula was a fascinating figure, and a household name for most of her life. Between 1924 and 1981 she wrote over 560 books, which at one point earned her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. As well as novels, Ursula wrote short stories, and radio and stage plays. She was also a Fleet Street journalist, with such varied roles as agony aunt, beauty editor and chief crime reporter. The podcast is a great insight into life on the home front in World War I, and the world of publishing books, newspapers and magazines in the 1920s to 1940s.

The Podcast is available to listen for free from :

Ursula's words are read by Lisa Armytage

My thoughts..

Ursula Bloom was a prolific writer whose fifty-seven year writing career spanned over 500 books. As well as writing under her own name she also used several pen names and wrote a variety of genres. This podcast looks back at the life of this extraordinary writer.

Although I had heard of Ursula Bloom, and vaguely remember my mother occasionally reading her novels, I didn't know very much about Ursula Bloom's life so this autobiographical podcast has been really informative. Much of twentieth century literary history is now confined to the annals of the past, so reissuing this author's interesting writing is helping to keep history alive in an easily accessible format.

The podcasts are well produced and are free to listen providing you have access to one of the streaming services mentioned above. I'm a frequent user of Spotify so it was no trouble at all to find the podcast and listen at my leisure. Broadcast in five parts, this autobiographical account takes us from Ursula's early life during the Great War, through to her prolific career as a successful writer, Fleet Street journalist and agony aunt. The podcasts are perfectly narrated by Lisa Armytage and give a fascinating account of Ursula's life and a great insight into a long forgotten way of life.

I've really enjoyed listening to A Life in Books and each podcast is such an interesting way to learn more about the life and times of this fascinating author. I look forward to discovering Ursula Bloom's fine writing which is now reissued in ebook format by Wyndham Books and the chance to rediscover Ursula Bloom's writing for myself.

Ursula Bloom was one of the most popular bestselling authors of the twentieth century. She wrote over 560 books, a feat which earned her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for many years, as the world’s most prolific female writer. She also wrote short stories, radio and stage plays, and worked as a Fleet Street journalist.

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