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Blog Tour ~ The Italian Girls by Debbie Rix

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28 September 2020

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The sun hung low in the sky, casting pink light all over the city. A faint breeze blew over the rooftops, as flocks of starlings swirled above her, swooping and diving in unison. It seemed unimaginable that, even now, German soldiers were marching along the streets below. It was time, she decided, for direct action. It was time to fight back.

Each morning Livia Moretti makes her way from an apartment overlooking Florence’s famous Duomo to a nearby cafรฉ, where she drinks espresso and reads the newspaper. To the crowds of tourists who pass by, snapping selfies, nothing about Livia will be memorable. She is simply an old lady. They walk on without knowing the part she played in ensuring the future of this beautiful city. And to Livia now, those dark days feel very far away too.

But today, when she opens the paper, she sees a name she has not heard for a long time. A name that will bring memories flooding back of Nazi troops marching through the city and the dangers she faced as a young woman, carrying out secret missions for the resistance.

Isabella Bellucci.

A siren of the silver screen, Isabella cultivated all the right connections to ensure her rise to stardom. But when Rome falls to the Nazis, Isabella is suddenly faced with the choice between protecting herself, and all she has worked for, or sacrificing everything to save the man she loves.

As the war rages across Europe, a terrible misunderstanding causes the fates of Isabella and Livia to become forever intertwined. And each woman must decide what they’re willing to risk, to protect the ones they hold dear from a brutal enemy.

What did I think about it..

The two Italian girls who feature so strongly in this WW2 novel couldn't be more different in both lifestyle and personality, and yet in the throes of war these two brave young women will see their lives overlap in a way which neither of them could ever have imagined.

Livia Moretti is a university student in Florence when the disastrous events of Italy's involvement in WW2 start to have dreadful repercussions for those who are trying their best to live a normal sort of existence, but life is incredibly hard, with food shortages and constant bombardment, plus Livia's knowledge that her beloved father is caught up in some clandestine activity makes it extremely dangerous for the whole family. Isabella Bellucci is the darling of the silver screen, a feted young actress, blessed with beauty and adored by her public but her connection with powerful men will lead her into grave danger.

I've really enjoyed stepping back in time with this story, learning about life under a fascist regime and observing, through the lives of these fascinating young women, just what it was like to go about life in constant fear. Beautifully written, with such an authentic historical feel to the novel that I felt as if I was walking alongside both Livia and Isabella, and found both their, very different, stories equally fascinating. The rich, and often decadent, lifestyle of Isabella's movie star contacts is juxtaposed against Livia's worry for her family and friends, particularly as food shortages hit them hard and the war encroaches on everything they once held dear.

Empathic, emotional and filled with wonderful historical detail, The Italian Girls is a beautifully written WW2 novel of danger, bravery, betrayal and eventually, hope against adversity.

About the Author

Debbie Rix has had a long career in journalism, including working as a presenter for the BBC. Her first novel, The Girl with Emerald Eyes was set around the building of the tower of Pisa and she has since released Daughters of the Silk Road and The Silk Weaver’s Wife. Debbie writes heartbreaking historical novels about love, tragedy and secrets.


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