Friday 21 August 2020

Book Review ~ The Joyful Environmentalist by Isabel Losada ☼

Watkins Publishing
July 2020

My thanks to the author and Midas PR for my copy of this book

Finally! A book about saving our planet that is fast, funny and inspiring too. Isabel doesn’t bother with an examination of the problem but gets right on with the solutions. Her aim: to look for every single way that we can take care of the planet; how we live and work, travel, shop, eat, drink, dress, vote, play, volunteer, bank – everything. The feel-good book of the year for anyone who loves nature and knows that one person can make a HUGE difference.

What did I think about it..

I've read several  books about the global threat to our environment which have been filled with facts and figures and dire predictions about what's going to happen to the planet and whilst that is all well and good what I really want to know is how I can make a difference on a personal level. The Joyful Environmentalist sets out a way to save the planet in ways that are entirely doable and which, in order to get its message across, isn't suffused with angst and a sense of impending doom.

There is no doubt that the author is passionate about environmental issues and this comes across in a lively and witty book which seeks to inspire rather than preach. I found much of interest and enjoyed reading through the book, not always sequentially, as this works really well as a dip into and out of type of book. However, the whole thing is clearly set out in specific sections which cover:

Climate Change
The Bigger Picture
Clothes and Fashion

Each of the sections give a comprehensive and informative point of view and as I finished each I had a better idea of what the author was so passionate about. Environmental issues are really emotive and people are easily upset, or offended, when accused of not doing enough to save our planet. I am sure that globally we aren't doing enough but each of us can make individual changes which when viewed in the bigger picture can certainly make a difference. As the author so rightly points out " You are the environmentalist. One who wants to be part of the solution. We are many. We are millions."

The Joyful Environmentalist is a useful aide memoire and a fascinating journey through some  interesting environmental solutions, I've really enjoyed reading about them. ☼

About the Author

Isabel Losada is the bestselling author of six previous books including The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment (over 100,000 copies sold). As an author Isabel uses a unique mixture of storytelling, memoir and humorous non-fiction which has won her a loyal readership. She remains firmly committed to narrative non-fiction and swimming against the tide. Isabel lives in London.

Twitter @IsabelLosada #TheJoyfulEnvironmentalist



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