Tuesday 15 May 2018

Blog Tour ~ The Dissent of Annie Lang by Ros Franey

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Muswell Press
8 April 2018

My thanks to the publishers and Random Things Tours for my copy of this book and my invitation to be part of the blog tour

What's it all about..

Set in the 1930’s, this novel explores the dark space between public and private morality and charts the journey of brave formidable Annie Lang who dissents from her parents’ path to right the wrongs hidden in the heart of her own family.

What did I think about it..

We first encounter Annie Lang in 1932, at the start of the novel, when she is a seventeen year old student newly returned from France. Rather cleverly, we are guided back, by her, to the time of her childhood, in the aftermath of a family tragedy, which releases memories of her growing up with her brother, Fred and sister, Beatrice.That this tragedy darkens her life, and that of her siblings, goes without saying, but it is also the sad and rather gloomy story of Annie’s troubled upbringing, in a deeply religious house, by her indifferent father and her unpleasant stepmother, which really cuts to the quick.

In many ways, The Dissent of Annie Lang is a cleverly controlled coming of age story in which Annie finds some hidden and horrible truths and yet, it is also the story of Annie’s absolute determination to right a wrong which threatens the stability of the whole of her family. Throughout the story I was beguiled by Annie, by her spirit, her waywardness and her ability to get into mischief, and even though the oppressive nature of her home threatens to drain away any happiness from her, she is able to find some lighter moments with her dog, Nana. 

Beautifully written and utterly engaging, The Dissent of Annie Lang takes us into the very heart of a fractured family and even in the oppressive atmosphere of this deeply troubled household, Annie's indomitable spirit refuses to be intimidated. Her toughness and steadfastness in light of such a deeply disturbing secret is what made me keep turning the pages and the author has instilled in Annie such a lively spirit that you can’t help but be on her side throughout the whole of the story.

Ros Franey grew up in the Midlands where this book is set. She is a maker of award-winning documentaries, including two films about the Guildford 4 which, along with the book she co-authored Timebomb, contributed to the quashing of their case. This is her second novel. She lives in Camden, North London.

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