Tuesday 24 October 2017

Review ~ The GirlBoss Work Book by Sophia Amoruso

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Published by Portfolio Penguin
24 October 2017
Paperback : 176 pages

My thanks to the publishers for my copy of this book

What's it all about...

The GirlBoss Work Book is a quirky but empowering book for girls and young women who want to make an impact and be their own boss. Filled with to-do lists, timelines, exercises, illustrations and plenty of scribble room, The GirlBoss Workbook is fit for both the dreamer and the doer.

Here's what I thought about it...

Having retired from work some time ago, I didn't feel, at first, that I was in the right demographic for The GirlBoss Work Book. However, I spent an informative couple of hours reading through the book and looking at the exercises and found myself nodding my head in agreement at the little nuggets of wisdom it contains and, by the end of my first read through, I was of the opinion that this book would have helped enormously when I was just setting out on my career, all those years ago. It would seem that whilst so much has changed in terms of encouraging young women, there are still areas where women need to grasp the opportunity to empower themselves.

The book is fun, easy to carry around in a handbag and, I would imagine would be just as easy to pick up and read when travelling around on public transport. All with the intention of encouraging confidence and self-worth, the exercises within the book are listed so that they are easy to complete, nothing is too taxing or too onerous, just little snippets of wisdom which will make you think about what you want and how you intend to get it. There's some great advice, from the etiquette of networking, to having the perfect interview, and even beyond into how to keep from going bankrupt and how to calm your biggest fears.

The book’s quirky graphics made me smile. Its interactive format is both practical and entertaining, and whilst it encourages creativity, it also fosters the belief that taking the initiative and being in control of your own destiny, really is the way forward.

I think that The GirlBoss Work Book is going to be one of those little gems that could easily find its way, in the next few weeks, into secret Santa parcels in offices throughout the land, or could just as easily be wrapped up in sparkly paper for a young woman you know to find under her Christmas tree.

Sophia Amoruso is the Founder of Nasty Gal and the Founder and CEO of Girlboss. Named by Forbes as "Fashion's New Phenom," bestselling author Sophia has become one of the most prominent figures in retail and a cultural icon for a generation of women seeking ownership of their careers and futures. Netflix's forthcoming TV series Girlboss, based on Sophia's life, is debuting in spring 2017.

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