Tuesday 4 August 2015

Review ~ Freedom's Child by Jax Miller

Harper Collins
31 July 2015

Call me what you will: a murderer, a cop killer, a fugitive, a drunk…

Freedom Oliver works in a local bar, where the customers think they know her, but really they don't know the first thing about her, and can't even begin to guess the demons she carries within her, or why she chooses to drink herself into oblivion. But Freedom's had eighteen long years of living under a witness protection programme, forced to endure the knowledge that her two children are being brought up by someone else and having no contact with them brings it own form of torture. When she hears that her daughter has gone missing, Freedom knows that revenge has come a calling and she has little option but to follow her own path of retribution.

This fast paced thriller takes you by the scruff of the neck and hurtles through a story which is quite unlike anything I have read in a long time. The action is fast and furious, the characters are all superbly flawed in their own inimitable style,and the plot has more than enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end. There's an exuberance to the writing which I found to be quite refreshing, and an authenticity to the story which makes you believe in the horror which unfolds right from the beginning. You get inside Freedom's character, and start to sympathise with her, and even although she's far from likeable there is a reluctant bravery about her which earns her a grudging sort of respect.

I stayed up long and late to finish the story as it's one of those that grabs your attention, and almost unwittingly you are pulled along into a story which abounds with a charged rawness and which is quite compelling to witness.

Jax Miller

Jax Miller was born and raised in New York and currently lives in Co. Meath, Ireland. She was shortlisted for the CWA debut dagger for unpublished writers in 2013 under her real name, Aine O' Domhnaill.

My thanks to Jaime Frost at Harper Collins for my copy of this one.



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  1. I'm not entering as hopefully I should have a copy coming from the publisher via Goodreads but I enjoyed your review, I want to read it even more now!

    1. Well done on getting a copy - look forward to your opinion about it :)

  2. I love a fast paced thriller. Not heard of this one Josie - great review!

  3. Sounds very intriguing, I'll add it to my ever growing "must reads" list

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  5. Seen great reviews-love to read this


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