Sunday 24 August 2014

Sunday War Poet....

The Angel of Mons

One hundred years ago, in August 1914,  The Battle of Mons was taking place. The British Expeditionary Force met the advancing German troops in the small mining town of Mons in Belgium.
 It was the first military confrontation on European soil since the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

 There is anecdotal writing of The Angel of Mons, A phenomenon, which was reported following the Battle of Mons in August 1914. When soldiers fighting in the thick of battle were alleged to have seen a cavalry of angels who were purported to have come to the their aid and helped to save them from possible massacre.
Others were convinced that they had seen the legendary Agincourt bowmen come to their assistance.
There were over 1600 British casualties.

The mystery of The Angel of Mons is one of the best  known legends  of twentieth century warfare.


 Soldiers who fought at the battle of Mons were awarded the 1914 star which became colloquially known as the Mons Star.


Often when Warring

Often when warring for he wist not what,
An enemy-soldier, passing by one weak,
Has tendered water, wiped the burning cheek,
And cooled the lips so black and clammed and hot;
Then gone his way, and maybe quite forgot
The deed of grace amid the roar and reek;
Yet larger vision than loud arms bespeak
He there has reached, although he has known it not.
For natural mindsight, triumphing in the act
Over the throes of artificial rage,
Has thuswise muffled victory's peal of pride,
Rended to ribands policy's specious page
That deals but with evasion, code, and pact,
And war's apology wholly stultified.

Thomas Hardy



  1. my grandad fought in that very battle, i wonder if he saw the 'angels'


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