Thursday 31 July 2014

Review and Giveaway ~ Love is All You Need

Sophie's competition for new romance writing attracted entries from all over the world, and the winning stories are now published digitally and in print.

Corazon Books
June 2014

Enjoy these 10 great stories with heart - the winning tales of love from The Sophie King Prize 2014, chosen by bestselling author Sophie King.

"...I picked those that surprised me and also left a lovely warm feeling. 
A bit like a love affair, really..."

Sophie King 


Meet 10 women, from different places, backgrounds and times, and each with a different experience of men and romance.

Their stories in turn hold the promise of romance, reflect on finding love, or show the lengths we'll go to for the special person in our lives.

An anthology of stories which are funny, thought-provoking, and thrilling, with characters you'll empathise with as they discover that ... Love is All You Need.

Stories by Alyson Hilbourne, Yvonne Eve Walus, Johanna Grassick, Pauline Watson, Melanie Whipman, Linda Triegel, Laurel Osterkamp, Helen Yendall, Mary Lally, Sherri Turner.

My Review

Ten very different women from all around the world share their thoughts on love in this winning anthology of short stories.
There is much to enjoy in this set of affectionate stories, from the rather poignant, to the utterly heart-warming, all them are written with a fine eye for detail and a lovely sense of empathy and a delicious sense of flirty banter.
Amongst the ten I have two particular favourites which struck a chord with me and to which I have returned for a re read, and what becomes obvious on a second reading is how much care and attention has gone into getting these stories so right. All too often with short stories the reader can feel a little let down, with the stories being merely a collection of words thrown together. Not so with this anthology, all the writers have really excelled at the genre, so much so , in some cases I could have gone on to read more of the story, which can only be a good sign.
It is commendable that Sophie King, realising the value of romantic fiction, goes on to champion those writers who may not otherwise have a voice in the literary world. This collection of lovely stories really does confirm that no matter where you are in the world, love is all you need.

My thanks to Sophie King and Great Stories with Heart for my copy of this lovely book
and for the opportunity to offer a paperback copy of Love is All You Need to one lucky winner of this giveaway..

***Open Internationally***

 Good Luck



  1. Sounds like a fun collection. I am usually more a novel reader than short stories, but I'm happy to give these a try. :-)

    1. Hi ABL - I think that short stories are a nice way to relax in between larger stories !

      Good Luck :)

  2. It's a bit corny I know, but I do love Father Ralph de Bricassart from The Thorn Birds!

  3. Well done to our winner of this giveaway. Book is winging its way to you as we speak. Hope you enjoy it x


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