Monday 1 July 2013

Review ~ My Husband Next Door by Catherine Alliot

My Husband Next Door
Michael Joseph
1 August 2013

My Husband Next Door is an entertaining and uncomplicated story which describes how Ella and her family live in a farmhouse which is falling to pieces, and which comes complete with an eccentric mix of family members and assorted animals. Her life in the country is a mixture of mayhem and mischief, but Ella feels that she deserves more than an estranged husband living in one of the farm outbuildings, and a diverse bunch of relatives who seem to do nothing but drain her of energy. When the handsome gardener, Ludo, attempts to sweep Ella of her feet, she faces this predicament with customary indecision.

In many ways it’s a gentle story, a real mixture of opportunities lost and feelings unspoken, and yet, alongside some moments of real sadness, there are touches of light humour, with some laugh out loud funny moments. The gentle and insightful way in which the story is allowed to develop, and the way in which the characters are given the opportunity to tell their own story, demonstrates the author’s unique ability to get into the minutiae of everyday life.

I’ve read several of Catherine Alliott’s books and always enjoy the perceptive way she writes and brings her characters to life. Her books always make perfect holiday reads.

My thanks to Real Readers and Penguin for my review copy of this book.

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