Wednesday 20 February 2013

Wishlist Wednesday...

I am delighted to be part of wishlist Wednesday which is hosted by Dani at pen to paper

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The Heretics (John Shakespeare, Book 5)


Rory Clements

John Murray (28 Feb 2013)


England may have survived the Armada threat of 1588, but when Spanish galleys land troops in Cornwall on a lightning raid seven years later, is it a dry-run for a new invasion? Or is there, perhaps, a more sinister motive? The Queen is speechless with rage. But as intelligencer John Shakespeare tries to get a grip on events, one by one his network of spies is horribly murdered. What has all this to do with Thomasyn Jade, a girl driven to the edge of madness by the foul rituals of exorcism? And what is the link to a group of priests held prisoner in bleak Wisbech Castle?

From the pain-wracked torture rooms of the Inquisition in Seville to the marshy wastes of fenland, from the wild coasts of Cornwall to the sweat and sawdust of the Elizabethan playhouses, and from the condemned cell at Newgate to the devilish fantasies of a fanatic, THE HERETICS builds to a terrifying climax that threatens the life of the Queen herself.

I've been a huge fan of this series of books since Rory Clements first novel to feature John Shakespeare, Martyr, came to my notice in 2009. Since then I have gone on to read each successive story, only to find that they get better and better.

I still have Traitor to read which is book 4, but am relieved to know that Book 5 isn't too far away !

**Whenever I read these books I think of my lovely book friend Elaine, who was a real fan of the series and we shared copies of these books and had great discussions about the merits of John Shakespeare.

I miss your book chat, lovely lady.**


  1. Oh, I love the sound of this! But I suppose I'd better start at the beginning of the series. Something new for my to-read list! :)


    1. Hi Lisa - it would be better to get to know John Shakespeare from the beginning :)


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