Friday 4 January 2013

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 The Queen's PromiseThe Queen's Promise by Lyn Andrews

The story of Anne Boleyn's early fated love affair with Henry Percy is well documented but normally this relationship is glossed over before the more interesting aspects of her life start to evolve around her life at court with Henry VIII.
Interestingly, The Queen's Promise tells the story of Anne Boleyn and Henry Percy from three perspectives. We have Henry Percy himself, weak, enigmatic, easily persuaded against fighting for the love of his life, alongside Anne, capricious, beautiful and as always with an eye for her future development.
The third voice is by far the most interesting , we have a fictitious man servant of Henry Percy who speaks for the common man and who can therefore view things more objectively,from the position of ordinary life as opposed to the rarefied atmosphere of the Tudor court.

I thought that the story was well written and although there really isn't much new evidence to be discovered in the story, overall, I enjoyed the book.

Lyn Andrews in one the the UK's top one hundred paper-back best-sellers  Born and brought up in Liverpool, she is the daughter of a policeman who also married a policeman. After becoming the mother of triplets, she took some time off from her writing whilst she raised her children. Shortlisted for the romantic Novelists' Association Award in 1993, she has now written twenty-one hugely successful novels. Lyn Andrews divides her time between Merseyside and Ireland.

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