Friday 28 December 2012

Friday Recommends

The Glass Guardian


Linda Gillard

Gripped by the sense of the past, The Glass Guardian is a paranormal story which delves into, not just the pain of love and loss, but also into the resilience of the human spirit.

They say that you should save the best until last, and I knew when I clicked open The Glass Guardian on my Kindle I wouldn't want to put it down, and so my Christmas ‘end of year’ treat to myself was to read the story uninterrupted once the family festivities were finished. To be immersed in a Linda Gillard novel is to lose all sense of your own time and place as almost without realising it you become as one with the characters she creates. With incredible skill she brings the story to life in such a realistic way that I really felt like I was sitting with Ruth in the kitchen at Tigh-na-Linne, and I actually felt a shiver of cold along my spine as the temperature in the house dropped and the emotional secrets of the Glass Guardian window were revealed.

There is so much to talk about with this novel, but to do so would reveal the heart and soul of the story, and this is definitely one of those books that you really should discover for yourself.

The Glass Guardian is a treat well worth savouring.

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