Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wishlist Wednesday

I am delighted to be part of wishlist Wednesday which is hosted by Dani at pen to paper

The idea is to post about one book each week that has been on your wishlist for some time, or maybe just added.

So what do you need to do to join in?

Follow Pen to Paper as host of the meme.

Pick a book from your wishlist that you are dying to get to put on your shelves.

Do a post telling your readers about the book and why it's on your wishlist.

Add your blog to the linky at the bottom of her post.

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Darcy and Fitzwilliam: A Tale of a Gentleman and an Officer (Darcy and Fitzwilliam, #1)

My wishlist Wednesday book


Darcy and Fitzwilliam : A Tale of a Gentleman and an Officer (Darcy and Fitzwilliam #1)


Karen V. Wasylowski

From Goodreads

A gentleman in love cannot survive without his best friend...

Fitzwilliam Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam couldn't be more different, and that goes for the way each one woos and pursues the woman of his dreams. Darcy is quiet and reserved, careful and dutiful, and his qualms and hesitations are going to torpedo his courtship of Elizabeth. His affable and vivacious cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam is a military hero whose devil-may-care personality hides the torments within, until he finds himself in a passionate, whirlwind affair with a beautiful widow who won't hear of his honourable intentions.

Cousins, best friends, and sparring partners, Darcy and Fitzwilliam have always been there for each other. So it's no surprise when the only one who can help Darcy fix his botched marriage proposals is Fitzwilliam, and the only one who can pull Fitzwilliam out of an increasingly dangerous entanglement is Darcy.

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite classic romances and I have grown to love the spin off ideas from other clever authors.This one is firmly on my wishlist.

I love the cover of this one - couldn't you just run down those stairs and along that path!

There is a competition to win a copy of Karen Wasylowski's sequel to Darcy and Fitzwilliam, Sons and Daughters,on her blog  here


  1. Sounds like an interesting book. Hope you will be able to read it soon.

    Thanks for dropping my on my WW

    1. Hi Ciska - thanks for visiting us - come again soon :)

  2. Interesting choice ;) I was never one for spin.offs or retellings but it sounds interesting

    My WW

    1. Hi Coffee Monster -thanks for taking time to read and comment - come again soon :)

  3. Hello,
    New follower here. This sounds like it would be a very nice classic romance. One with courting and flowers! I think a lot of that is lost now days. Sounds fun, I hope you get to read it soon! Here is the link to mine:
    Brittany @ Spare Time book blog

    1. Hi b_Is - thanks for visiting us - come again soon:)

      I'll take a look at your blog - thanks for the link !

  4. Mmmmm, Mr. Darcy... And you're right, that cover is delectable.

    My WW:

    1. Hi Shelver506 - I sense you are another Mr Darcy fan - thanks for visiting us -come again soon :)


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