Monday 10 September 2012

The walk in my week...

The walk in my week took in two very pretty places


English Lake District

 This beautiful Princess of the Lake brightened a stormy landscape

Even on a cloudy summer's day little boats still bob around on 
Lake Windermere

The majestic qualities of the hills above Lake Windermere are hard to resist

 a pretty seaside town in Cumbria

on the edge of the English Lake District

Arnside is famous for its tidal bore

 The tidal bore results from a combination of the high tidal range and the shape of the bay as it narrows into the Kent Estuary at Arnside. The water enters the tapering estuary and the rising waters become confined which results in a distinct wave developing, which can be anything from a few centimetres to almost a metre high on full spring tides.

And just to prove a reviewers work is never kindle is always close at hand !

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  1. Lovely pictures Josie, and one of my favourite places in the world, Ambleside and indeed the whole of the Lake District. Good to see there's always a book or kindle close to hand! :)


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