Sunday 2 September 2012

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The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag


David Hoyle

From Amazon

Fluffy Ratbag is a small black-and-white tomcat (or rather, ex-tomcat as he points out with an understandable degree of bitterness. Not that he's bearing a grudge or anything). He lives with the Skinny Man and Noisy Woman and is pleased to pass on his Wisdom to his fellow felines in the form of the celebrated Fluffy Ratbag's Guides for Cats and his Worl' Famous Cautionary Tales.

With a long-term catnip habit, an ongoing dispute with Butch - the Ginger Tom next door - and a small-time protection racket down the local sheltered housing, Fluffy Ratbag has terrorised the neighbourhood. On the way, he has brought the Skinny Man and Noisy Woman to the edge of sanity, safe in the knowledge that a carefully-timed purr turned up to maximum will do much to turn aside anger.

To the casual observer then, Fluffy Ratbag may look like an unmade bed, but he has tasted life, eaten much of it and thrown up the rest into the Skinny Man's slipper. Based on his popular blog, The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag is a story of passion, despair and an unhealthy obsession with fish-chunks in jelly. Oh, And his groin.

What did Jaffa think..

Fabulous and Funny...

Captures the inside workings of the cat's mind very well, and the way that Fluffy manipulates Skinny Man and Noisy woman is very educational - I shall take some tips away and put them to good use ....I think that there are elements of  Butch the ginger tom in myself. So on that note I'm off to continue my own long running dispute with my mate Timmy, over ownership of the outdoor cat bowl.....

It's currently a free kindle download on Amazon- I do so love a bargain !!


  1. Hi Jaffa

    This is I, Fluffy Ratbag (well, strickly speaking, it's the Skinny Man who's doing the typing on account of him having the opposable thumbs and suchlike). Anyway, I just wanted to say Thanks for the nice review of our book and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Got to dash now. I got a bit of a face infection and the Bloke Who Stinks Of Disinfectant gave the Skinny Man some tablets that he has to shove down my throat at mealtimes so I'm making myself a bit scarce and nipping off round the ol' lady at No 17 to see if I can persuade her that a poor, maltreated puss such as yours truly should be given some Special Treats.

    In return for which, I may allow her to give me a stroke.

    Putty in my hands....oh yes



    1. Fluffy Ratbag - I am honoured and privileged to have you visit my humble blog -

      As you know it's much easier to get your human to do the typing, as this leaves more time for our interesting pursuits of eating and sleeping.

      Commiserations on the face infection...I've always thought that the tablets down the throat routine, spoils a good meal.



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