Saturday 28 July 2012

Simply Great Britain...

London 2012

From the pastoral idyll of Thomas Hardy's England, through to the dark Satanic mills of the Industrial Revolution, the whole of the Olympic opening ceremony captured the quirkiness and eccentricity of this green and pleasant land.Where else could you get Bean, Bond, Beckham, and the Queen all on the same venue.

Certainly, there was the power and the glory of the early days of the British Empire, but there was also humility in the way we honour our fallen heroes, and give credence to our history, to our love of literature, to music, and sheer unadulterated drama.

The theme of the Olympic games is to inspire a generation, and as the hopes and aspirations of a proud nation rose with the lighting of the Olympic cauldron, the 205 copper petals representing the competing nations glowed like a beacon of hope.

Made me proud to be British.

Photos - 2012 Olympics | London 2012


  1. Me too Josie! We cracked open a bottle of champagne and laughed, cried, oohed and aaahed all the way through. Brilliant.

  2. And me, you have summed it up so nicely Josie. I thought it was lovely, and full of great things!

    1. Hi Lindsay - I'm loving the Olympic experience - Go team GB !!


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