Monday 2 July 2012

Review - By Royal Command by Laura Navarre

My thanks to NetGalley and Carina press for an advance e-copy to read and review.

By Royal Command
Published 2 July Carina Press

My 4**** Review

This historical romance is set in England during the reign of King Ethelred, and tells the story of a beautiful widow, Katrin of Courtney, who when summoned to the English court to be used as a political pawn in marriage, finds herself falling in lust with Eomond, the man sent to escort her to her uncle, the king. But Eomond is beneath her in rank, and despite their passionate encounter, he is no match for this beautiful young woman. Fulfilling her obligations to her king, Katrin is sent in marriage to Rafael le Senay, the Baron of Belmaine. What then follows is a lively, and interesting account of Katrin’s passionate relationships with the men in her life, and the dilemma she must face in allowing her heart to rule her head.

Set against the backdrop of Anglo-Saxon England, when knights were bold, and ladies were content to do as they were bidden, the passionate romance between Katrin and her two very different suitors makes for interesting reading. Laura Navarre has captured the very essence of the period, and has with her skilful touch of words created a heroine who is as flawed, as she is beautiful.

In many ways the historical background is only a small fragment to what is essentially a story about a love triangle, and the difficult choices which needed to be made, in order for Katrin to find love, happiness and fulfilment.

If you enjoy passionate historical romances by Blair Bancroft, Miriam Minger, Elaine Coffman, Anne O'Brien, I am sure you would enjoy this well written historical romp.

I enjoyed it and will read the author's other books.

Laura Navarre is the author of several historical romances.

Devil's Mistress by Laura Navarre


By Royal Command

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