Thursday 10 May 2012

Review - Where There's A Will by Michael Kerrigan

My thanks to Real Readers for a copy of Where There's A Will by Michael Kerrigan to read and review.

Saraband (17 May 2012)

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Death is inevitable: we are all destined to shuffle off this mortal coil, kick the bucket, cease to be. Yet many of us choose to deal with our inescapable mortality with heads firmly stuck in the sand. But is ignorance really bliss? Perhaps if we prepare ourselves thoughtfully for death - whether it s our own or a loved one s - and take charge of our own affairs, we will be able to rest easier as the fat lady begins her final chorus? Where There s a Will guides you through all the emotional, financial, legal and practical issues that you need to consider. With a combination of constructive tips and thoughtful reflections on dying, death and bereavement, this book throws light on subjects that all too often remain taboo.

My Review 4****

As a nation, we seldom speak about death, we don’t even like to use the word, and have developed cosy euphemisms to cover our unease, and yet, with an ever aging population, the need for an instruction manual on how to cope with the reality of death is an invaluable asset.

This practical guide to putting your affairs in order is both informative and fascinating in equal measure. It attempts to cover all aspects of the dying process in an easy to read style, and is neither mawkish, nor sensationalist in the way it sets out the practicalities of death and dying. The chapters are divided into structured settings, and cover such diverse topics as, the instructional etiquette involved in having your name removed from social media websites and the closing down of online bank accounts, through to the music you want at your funeral and the inscription on your memorial headstone. For those who may be facing their own death, and who need to know the practicalities of the dying process, this book informs in a sensible and forthright manner. Likewise, middle aged children, who may have no experience of the dying process, and who, when faced with the loss of a beloved parent, may struggle to cope with the myriad of emotions involved in preparing a funeral.

The answers to so many questions, you never knew you needed to know, are all written somewhere in this informative book. I enjoyed reading it, and would recommend it as a practical and helpful guide.


  1. I was just thinking the other day that I would be completely clueless if I had to organise a funeral etc (not that I'm planning my OH's demise!)and it would be great if there was a book out there with the answers. Mission accomplished. :-)

  2. I agree, Treez - everyone should have a book like this tucked away somewhere !


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