Monday 28 May 2012

Review - The Love Book by Fiona O'Brien

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The Love Book


Fiona O'Brien

The Love Book by Fiona O'brien
Hodder (16 Feb 2012)

My Review 5*****

Vronnie, Diana and Abby meet as twelve year olds at a boarding school in County Wicklow. Their friendship blossoms, they share their hopes and fears for the future, even to recording their love petitions in St Valentine's love book. They agree to always keep in touch with each other, and arrange to meet up whenever they can on, or around St Valentine's Day.
But change comes with adulthood, and Vronnie leaves her friends and family in order to find her own way, whilst Diana and Abby stay behind in Ireland, and become consumed in motherhood,  family and business.
Years later, the three women meet again, their lives have altered course several times, but underneath it all the spirit of their friendship shines through.
Diana, the most brittle of the three is facing some hard decisions about her life. 
Abby , the home-maker realises that she is in danger of losing all she holds dear.
And Vronnie, the most vulnerable of the three women needs to confront her hidden demons before she can make peace with her soul.
All three women need to have some semblance of balance in their lives, and as they meet again, what shines through is their love and support for each other.

This is a lovely heart warming story about the power of female friendship and the overwhelming need we all have for love, acceptance and peace of mind.

Written in the style of Cathy Kelly, Patricia Scanlon and Sheila O'Flanagan, this is a story to warm your heart. 

This is the first book I have read by Fiona O' Brien - I am already looking to read her previous books.

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