Monday 23 January 2012

IttyBittyKnitty bags....

Just so you know I don't spend all day everyday reading.........sometimes, I knit IttyBittyKnitty Bags..... I gave quite a few away at Christmas, so in the last couple of weeks I've been building up my stock.

Some are my own designs, but others I knitted from patterns in Emma King's excellent book 25 more bags to knit, which is a really easy book to follow, and there are designs to suit all skill levels.

25 More Bags to Knit: Chic and Stylish Accessories

Just a few
of my

Thanks for looking !!


  1. Wow I love them especially the light purple one, do you do black?

    I wish I was creative, love them!


  2. Thanks Lainy - I can do any colour !!


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