Sunday 28 August 2011

Quirky Questions....

Little Sunday book mutterings...

Hardback or Paperback?

There are some books that I like to collect in hardback - I have some beautiful classic hardbacks which I keep fairly pristine, and there are selected authors whose work I collect in hardback - Philippa Gregory and Karen Maitland are the two most eagerly awaited - their books have beautiful covers.

And I would kill to get my hands on the complete Diana Gabaldon back list in hardback - I have the first three books in paperback, and they are literally falling apart - although thanks to Santa USA - I did get a copy of Outlander in large format paperback last year.

BUT - generally I'm a paperback sort of girl.....they're easy to carry around, easy to read -so long as the print's not too tiny - and easy to bundle up in the post to give to friends !

Treebook or ebook?

This is a difficult one because I have shelves fit to burst with paper books, and yet I also really love my Kindle - it was the best Christmas gift ever - I think that there's room in the world for both and would hate to see the demise of paper books and traditional book sellers - that's why I support both options. There's nothing better than the sights, sounds and smell of a really good book shop.....but then one click ordering on Amazon is just so easy !!

Buy or Swap?

I have a foot in both camps here - I love buying books for myself, and as gifts for my book minded friends - I also pick up books in charity shops whenever I can, but my main love is swapping books and I have been an active member of readitswapit since 2006, and have swapped over 450 books - I've also made some good friends in the process and have had the pleasure of giving my books away to people who will love them as much as I did.

Since 2009 I am been a bookmoocher - using BookMooch I have continued to send my books to fellow bibliophiles -using this site enables my books to travel all around the world, they have been sent far and wide-as far the Philippines...

or more recently - a mooch conducted on my own doorstep with a fellow moocher who lived 2 miles away.

I also act as a bookmooch angel and send hard to get books overseas.....

It's amazing to think that books have the power to unite so many people.,



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  1. Love it

    I prefer paperbacks because as you said easier to send, carry around etc. I also find my wrist gets sore when reading for long periods with a hardback

    Treebook wins everytime with me. I love my kindle and it means I can take hundreds on books on holiday with me and not worry about the weight. I alos have so many new authors via reviews and ebooks so I love that but I will always pick treebooks first everytime.

    I buy and swap possibly the same, maybe buy more recently as I haven't swapped in a while and I have mooched a few recently.



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