Friday 29 September 2023

πŸ“– Book Review ~ The Diary of a Secret Royal by Henry Morris


Harper Collins

28 September 2023

My thanks to the publisher for my copy of this book

From one of Twitter’s most cutting-edge satirists and irreverent political commentators comes the most scandalous Royal book of the year.

In a rapidly changing world the Royal Family own swathes of the country, most of the seabed and more money than anyone could ever spend. It is the role of the Chamberlain of the NDAs to keep things that way.

From transgressions to successions, travesties to majesties, follow eighteen months in the life of trusted toady Fenton Footlicker Esquire as he takes Queen Elizabeth to rehab, foils a breakout from the Balmoral Labour Camp and runs a counter-espionage unit of royal lookalikes – the Crown Duals.

Fenton knows better than anyone that without the monarchy UK tourism would instantly collapse. Which is why he calls himself the Royal Flush: because he always cleans up the messes his charges leave behind.

From Henry Morris, the creator of the infamous Secret Tory Twitter account, comes a brilliantly original and deliciously close to the knuckle faux memoir of Britain’s most famous family.

My Review..

This is the secret diary of Fenton Footlicker, Chamberlain of Non-Disclosure Agreements to the Royal Family and shows just to what lengths he has to go to in order to stop the Royals from making fools of themselves. It does so in a riotous romp which had me laughing out loud at the absurdity of some of it, along with nodding my head in agreement when certain parts of the diary seemed to have more than an element of truth attached.

The secret diary starts in December 2021 and continues for the next eighteen months, through the momentous year of 2022, which not only saw the celebration of the late Queen's Platinum Jubilee but also her sad passing in September, the diary thus ending in May 2023 with King Charles III on the throne. Everything that you would want to be included was and I won't spoil it by saying too much as its definitely a book to read without any spoilers from me. However, it's filled interesting snippets of gossip, lots of sly innuendo and chunks of the downright hilarious which really did have me bursting into laughter. 

I was hooked from the start on The Diary of a Secret Royal, the writing is really clever, often irreverent, brilliantly satirical and splendidly observed.

About the Author

Henry Morris is a personal trainer and rave promoter, and author of the infamous Diary of a Secret Tory MP. He lives in Frogmore Cottage.

Last year he released The Diary of a Secret Tory, a parody political memoir described by Caitlin Moran as ‘a landslide victory for modern satire’ and ‘political satire at its blistering, biting best’ by James O’Brien.

Twitter @secrettory12

@HarperCollinsUK @mudlarkbooks

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