Thursday 20 April 2023

๐Ÿ“– Book Review ~ The One Who Fell by Kerry Wilkinson

17 April 2023

Whitecliff Bay Mystery #1

Mt thanks to the publisher for my copy of this book 

In the seaside town of Whitecliff, everyone looks out for each other. Everyone knows your name. And everyone knows your secrets…

Moonlight falls on the figure of the girl standing on the red-tiled roof. Her white dress and blonde hair flutter in the freezing night wind. And suddenly – she is gone.

Volunteering at the local nursing home is Millie Westlake’s one escape from the rumours that swirl around Whitecliff about her past. But speaking with elderly resident, Ingrid, as they play board games, Millie gets chills at her strange story about a young girl being pushed from a roof, somewhere across the valley…

Everybody thinks Ingrid is confused: but Millie knows how it feels to not be believed. Her parents died a year ago, and the residents of Whitecliff – such a quiet place, other than crashing waves and cawing seagulls – are convinced Millie killed them.

Desperately searching for evidence to find the girl Ingrid saw, a broken roof tile could prove Ingrid was telling the truth. But when strange footprints appear in Millie’s garden, she’s certain someone out there is watching.

Have Ingrid and Millie stumbled across something terribly dangerous? And with the town against her, will Millie have to face up to her own secrets to solve the mystery before it becomes deadly?

๐Ÿ“– My Review..

The dark shadow of Millie Westlake's past follows her wherever she goes but she finds comfort in volunteering at the local nursing home where she has a close bond with some of the residents who live there. When one of the elderly residents tells Millie of a strange occurrence she witnessed happening Millie can't help but be drawn into discovering more about this mystery and is determined to follow the clues which seem to suggest that something sinister is going on in the small seaside town of Whitecliff.

This cosy crime mystery is something of a departure for this author who I normally associate with quite gritty crime thrillers so it was with some trepidation that I began the first in this new series of cosy mysteries. I think this venture works reasonably well with this first book setting the scene quite nicely with an array of quirky characters. Millie is an interesting creation who I'm sure we will get to know more as the series develops. Overall, this is a nice easy read and a good start, with the added bonus that books 1-3 are now available.


About the Author

Kerry Wilkinson has had No.1 crime bestsellers in the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Singapore. He has also written two top-20 thrillers in the United States. His book, Ten Birthdays, won the RNA award for Young Adult Novel of the Year in 2018 and Close To You won the International Thriller Award for best ebook in 2020.

As well as his million-selling Jessica Daniel series, Kerry has written the Silver Blackthorn trilogy - a fantasy-adventure serial for young adults - a second crime series featuring private investigator Andrew Hunter, plus numerous standalone novels. He has been published around the world in more than a dozen languages.

Twitter @kerrywk


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