Monday 2 January 2023

🌟 Featured Book of the Month in January ~ The Trophy Wife by Valerie Keogh


Boldwood Books
2 January 2023

My thanks to the publisher for my copy of this book

From the moment I saw Ann, I knew she was perfect for me.

Her beauty and her social connections would make my miserable life so much better. It didn’t matter that I didn’t love her. I would give her the lifestyle she craved, and she would give me the life I deserved...

But soon my marriage vows were a noose around my neck.

I longed to escape my beautiful, horrible wife.

And then I saw her and I knew there was only one way out…

πŸ“– My Review...

Jake escapes his boring parents and against their wishes takes up the offer of studying at a prestigious Oxford college. Leaving his working class roots far behind him, Jake finds that, after university, and with financial success offered to him, he is set on the path to the perfect life he always dreamed off. However, material success, financial security and a beautiful wife, proves to be not enough to satisfy Jake, and that’s when his life starts to go disastrously wrong.

I’ve read this author’s work before and I really enjoy how she turns her rather flawed characters into people you start to believe in and although I found Jake unlikable I was thoroughly invested in his story. The Trophy Wife, takes the idea of social and financial success and shows how shallow this lifestyle can be without the right attitude and with unrealistic dreams.

This drama filled domestic noir story was just what I needed to read in that lull between Christmas and New Year. Perfect escapism with a clever, quirky plot, a seriously flawed protagonist and a set of peripheral characters who really helped to turn this into a drama filled read. 

I am delighted to have The Trophy Wife as my featured Book of the Month for January.

About the Author

Valerie Keogh is the internationally bestselling author of several psychological thrillers and crime series, most recently published by Bloodhound. She originally comes from Dublin but now lives in Wiltshire and worked as a nurse for many years. Her first thriller for Boldwood was published in August 2022.

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