Wednesday 21 August 2013

Cat Sense:The Feline Enigma Revealed by John Bradshaw

Penguin UK
29th August 2013

Like all cats lovers I am constantly on the lookout for a definitive book which contains everything I need to know about the enigmatic creature called Jaffa who shares my home. 

John Bradshaw's interesting and entertaining book goes a long way to satisfy my curiosity and has some really interesting snippets of information. The book is divided into well ordered chapters which cover cats in all walks of life, from the feral hordes who have to scavenge for survival, through to the pampered and cosseted world of the adored domestic feline.
The chapters are many and varied and begin by covering the history of the cat and cat archaeology before going into more specific detail about the domestication of the cat and the way in which we humans fit into the cat’s world. There are also some lovely black and white drawings interspersed amongst the narrative and lots of useful diagrams and charts.

The author has a real fondness for the feline and has used his skill and knowledge to good effect and has produced a book which is entertaining but which is also informative and a real delight to read.

My thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Books UK for my digital copy to review.

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