Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Review - Ferney by James Long

My thanks to Real Readers for a signed limited edition copy of this book.


Quercus 2012

My 5***** Review

In their search for a new home Gally and Mike Martin stop in the quiet English village of Penselwood, where Gally is curiously attracted to a dilapidated old cottage. Although Mike has reservations, he is relieved that Gally seems to find comfort and a sense of purpose, in renovating the old place. When Ferney, an enigmatic old gentleman who lives in the same village, keeps appearing, Gally is inexplicably drawn towards him, and yet finds no reason why he should seem so familiar. What then follows is the story of how two souls separated by time go on to find each other again and again and again.

Initially the story gets off to a slow start, and yet from the outset the chemistry between Gally and Ferney is undeniable. About a third into the book and the story really starts to unravel, the tragic history of the landscape is revealed, and a powerful and irrepressible connection starts to emerge. The book then starts to be compelling, as with great skill the author starts to manipulate the narrative into a story of reincarnation, and the power of shared memory. The time slip element to the story is particularly well done as the author manages to convey a sense of history, whilst at the same time keeping the integrity of the love story alive.

I first read Ferney when it was published in 1998, and fell in love with the whole nature of the story, so to find that the book had been republished was a real pleasure, and I enjoyed this second re read almost as much as I did the first time. The idea that there is a sequel to Ferney to look forward to in TheLives She Left Behind only adds to my reading pleasure.

The Lives She Left Behind
Quercus 2012

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