Sunday, 8 May 2011

One click, two clicks...

After much soul searching at Christmas , I decided that I would have a Kindle - I know - I thought long and hard about how the move to e books would impact on the paper book industry- and I apologised in advance to all my books as they collectively took a sharp intake of breath - but after going over to the other side, I find that I enjoy Kindle reading just as much as paper reading, with the added advantage of keeping the font at just the right size for my ageing eyesight ....!

So, my pact to my Paper book shelf was two from you, and one from Kindle ---

SO..... my Kindle read this weekend is going to be Crimson China by Betsy Tobin- she's an author I first discovered way back in the early noughties, when I read the very excellent Bone House.

Crimson China, imagines the outcome of being a survivor of the Morecambe Bay Cockle Picking tragedy in 2004. I have a healthy respect for that particular coast,so I hope it's going to be an interesting read..... Jaffa loves anything to do with the sea, and is strangely soothed by one click, two clicks as I move the story along.....


  1. I'm new to Kindle as well, and love it! I have Crimson China waiting to be read ... couldn't resist it in the Spring Spectacular!

  2. I'm really enjoying reading Crimson China - it very quickly draws you into the story - I took advantage of the Spring Spectacular too !!

  3. Hi Jo,thought i'd pop over and say thanks for sending me secrets of the tudor court, the bookmark was cute!
    i brought Crimson China the other day :-)

    my blog is at if you want to pop and say hi ;-) i was on blogger a while ago and i'm trying to take that to a new blog,the new layout confuses me lol! i'll pop by your blog again soon :-) Louise

  4. Louise - Hope you enjoy reading Secrets of the Tudor Court - I'll be along to check out your blog !!


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