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Review ~The Bones of Avalon

In order to get my "to be read" shelf lighter this year, I am part of the Just For Fun Goodreads Group which encourages you to read books that have been sitting on a book shelf for a while. As an active book reviewer, I am constantly approached to read and review new books, which is of course, an absolute delight and a dream come true for me, but I do neglect the books on my ever expanding bookshelves to accommodate review requests.

My Just for Fun challenge this year is to read twelve historically themed books, which I was interested enough in to buy for myself, but which have languished on my book shelf for more than a year....

Here is my first Just for Fun read of the year, and it's an historical whodunnit from Phil Rickman who writes the superbly successful Merrily Watkins series of books, as well as some very good stand alone historical chillers...

The Bones of Avalon
Corvus 2010

In this new series the author introduces the Elizabethan astrologer Dr John Dee, and has woven a series of historical mystery stories which find the acclaimed doctor in some tricky situations. Written with Rickman's customary skill, the  John Dee Papers combines the stark reality of life in Elizabethan England , alongside some convoluted and mysterious situations.

The Bones of Avalon (2010) ~ starts the series with John Dee and Elizabeth's favourite courtier Robert Dudley sent to the town of Glastonbury to seek the truth behind the legend of King Arthur, who is believed to lie buried within the grounds of the ancient abbey. However, the abbey has been left derelict since Henry VIII's plunderers tore it to shreds, and the town of Glastonbury still harbours a grudge towards those who seek to disturb its peace.

The story is a well written mystery which combines history with undeniable malice and is a real page turner that had me enthralled from beginning to end. The strands of the story are never over simplified and the many twists and turns reveal a convoluted plot that keeps you guessing until the very end.

The Heresy of Dr Dee is the second book in the series

The Heresy of Dr Dee

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