Friday 24 October 2014

Review ~ Where Love Lies by Julie Cohen

July ~ 2014

The scent of frangipani brings memories of the past hurtling back to Felicity and even though she knows she must meet her husband outside their favourite London restaurant, she can’t help but follow where the scent of frangipani leads her. For Felicity, the reawakening of memories stirs powerful emotions; she feels like she is in love, blissfully and ecstatically so, the only problem is that these feelings are targeted towards an ex-lover and not her husband.

The story that follows sees Felicity and her husband, Quinn taken to the very brink of desperation, as Felicity tries to make sense of a world in which she feels increasingly out of control. The scent of nostalgia is a very poignant force and this remarkable story delves beneath the surface of memory to investigate the very powerful and emotional recall which comes when certain fragrances are triggered; it is her reaction to these powerful triggers which causes Felicity so much heartbreak. And as Felicity starts to behave appallingly towards Quinn, such is the power of the story, that far from being irritated by Felicity’s uncaring attitude, you simply can’t help but be moved by her plight. I wanted to wrap her up in a blanket to keep her from harm but the story veers off in such a thought provoking direction that no amount of comfort blanket would ever protect Felicity and Quinn from what is to come.

In Where Love Lies the destructive nature of a love out of control is taken to the very limit of endurance, and the examination of raw emotion is beautifully portrayed. There is no doubt that Julie Cohen has the ability to get right into the heart and soul of her characters, she makes you, the reader invest emotionally, so that their story becomes your story, so much so, you simply can’t do anything but read on until the story is finished.

Read it ...or miss out !

My thanks to NetGalley and Random House UK, Transworld Pubishers for my review copy of this book.

 Julie Cohen


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