Thursday 27 June 2013

Review ~ Gift of the Raven by Catriona Troth

Piebald Publishing
1 June 2013

Sometimes a story can be told unequivocally in just a few words, and I am sure that the bold and brave style of writing in Gift of the Raven is one such story. Terry feels different, with his black hair and skin the colour of strong tea, there is no one quite like him amongst his immediate family, but when he sees native Indians at a local market, somewhere deep within his soul, a chord resonates. The fact that he is different makes Terry noticeable, and it invokes the wrath of his abusive stepfather, and yet Terry, yearning for his real father, spins and weaves a warrior’s tale in order to survive unspeakable abuse.

The story can be read quite comfortably over the space of a couple of hours, but don’t be fooled into thinking that because it is an easy read that the novella is light on content, far from it, there is an underlying richness and a profound sense of compassion pervading through the narrative, and the spirit of the story stays with you for a long time.

Before reading this novella, I had no knowledge of the Haida Gwaii Indians of Canada, but their proud and poignant history is reflected in the lyricism of the author’s writing and in the cultural heritage of their myths and legends.

Oh, just one more thing - the cover is stunning !

Highly recommended.

My thanks to the author and Triskele Books for my copy of the book

Do come back tomorrow to see an interview with the author Catriona Troth 

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