Thursday 28 December 2023

📖 Publication Day Book Review ~ The Power of Ancient Wellness by Gill Thackray


Michael O’Mara
28 December 2023

Thanks to the publisher and Alison Menzies for my copy of this book

Do you want to reduce stress, ease burnout, boost your energy and immunity but don’t know where to start? Look no further than the power of ancient wellness. 

The ancient world moved to a different rhythm. It was slower, more mindful and closely attuned to nature. The result? A harmonious connection between mind, body and spirit. Together with Gill Thackray, mindfulness teacher, coach and performance psychologist, learn the art of ancient healing: the perfect remedy for modern living. 

Featuring over 25 nature-based activities, discover how to improve your sleep, boost your energy and treat everything from anxiety to the common cold and much more. Explaining the science behind what our ancestors knew intuitively, this essential companion will help you to create your own holistic toolkit to optimize your health and wellbeing, as well as overhaul your beauty regime. 

Clear your mind with age-old breathwork techniques, restore balance in your body with the life-changing principles of Ayurveda and re-energise your soul with Reiki and more. From traditional tinctures to ancient superfoods, your healing journey starts now. Reconnect with the hidden secrets of our natural world and take care of yourself, the ancient way.

📖 My Review

Beautifully illustrated, with so much to look at, this tactile little book has been just the tonic I needed in the post Christmas lull. Filled with a plethora of interesting facts and self help tips I have found much to encourage me over the coming months. The author writes knowledgeably and in using her own skill as a mindfulness practitioner the activities feel well researched and have certainly inspired me to give the activities a try.

During our busy lives we all need something to help us cope and this book certainly gives us a way forward. Cleverly divided into three sections, mind, body and spirit, each of the nature based activities are designed to help boost energy and alleviate stress and anxiety, which is something I will find really helpful. It’s beautifully illustrated with lovely drawings which really help to complement the activities. From breathing techniques, to the strength of rituals, and from the natural intelligence of plants, to the power of the ancient world, all this can still be visualised around us and acts as a timely reminder that these ancient techniques are still useful today. 

I’ve really enjoyed reading through this book and have found both inspiration and encouragement within its pages. It would make a perfect New Year gift for anyone who enjoys learning more about The Power of Ancient Wellness.

About the Author 

Gill Thackray has lived and worked with indigenous communities around the world, including Tibet, China, Thailand and India, studying the science of healing and ancient wisdom traditions. She is a trained shamanic practitioner, and teaches qigong and yoga. She is also a coach and performance psychologist working with FTSE 100 companies, sporting bodies, healthcare professional, universities and NGOs to create individual and organisational transformation. Fully accredited, she holds an MSc in Mindfulness Studies ad is currently working on her PhD, researching indigenous healing practices and eco-psychology.
Gill grew up in Yorkshire and now llives in the Lake District. Her books include The Mindfulness Coach, How to Manifest, and The Manifest Journal, all published by Michael O'Mara Books.

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About the Illustrator

Anna Stead is an illustrator based in the beautiful North Cotswolds. She draw from nature. legend, history, folklore, literature, folk art and the mythic arts.

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