Wednesday 9 March 2016

Review ~ Sweet Home by Carys Bray

Windmill Books

The seventeen stories which make up the short story collection found in Sweet Home explore the very ordinariness of everyday life and yet, the stories themselves are all far from ordinary. Delightfully quirky, often with a twist you don't see coming, the stories are a perfect example of the short story genre. All are crisp, beautifully observed vignettes which individually highlight the vagaries of modern family life and which tug away at your consciousness until the stories get right into your soul. Even now, days after finishing the stories, I want to climb back into the book to read them all again.

To say more would be to spoil the effort which this fine author has put into each individual story, but suffice to say, you could pick up this book at the start of any story and I guarantee that you will want to read on until the end, just to see what happens.

With a complete blend of light and dark, happy and sad, mischievous and the distinctly odd, there is no doubt that Sweet Home shows life in all its many guises.

Best Read with ….a nice cup of tea and a gingerbread biscuit…

Carys Bray

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My thanks to the author for sharing these stories with me.


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