Sunday 26 April 2015

Sunday WW1 Poet....

The theme for this month's WW1 poems 


Literary Figures 

Those poets who are perhaps better known for their stories

D H Lawrence

1885 - 1930

Future War

After our industrial civilisation has broken, and 
the civilisation of touch has begun
war will cease, there will be no more wars.
The heart of man, in so far as it is budding, is budding warless
and budding towards infinite variety, variegation
and where there is infinite variety, there is no interest in war.
Oneness, makes war, the obsession of oneness

David Herbert Lawrence was born and educated in Nottingham,
During the First World War he was know for his anti war poems and is, of course, now recognised as one of our great English writers.

His novels include:

Sons and Lovers (1913)
The Rainbow (1915)
Women in Love (1920)
Lady Chatterley's Lover(1928)


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