Monday 12 August 2013

The Knitted Teddy Bear by Sandra Polley

Anova Books
Collins and Brown
This edition 29th July 2013

Who could be uninterested in this picture of two adorable teddy bears?

They just scream "knit me". 

The book is divided into several different projects which range from patterns suitable for those with minimal experience, to those bears which need time, patience and a whole heap of know-how. The bears range from heirloom bears with moveable joints, to those teeny tiny bears which can be made from scraps of wool over the space of an afternoon. 

Some have wardrobes of clothes to get to grips with; whilst others are happy to wear just a sweater. In all the patterns, the instructions are clear and concise and each step is well explained. There also some nice pictures which really bring the bears to life. 

As terminology varies between the US and the UK regarding wool type, it’s nice to have a combination of instructions regarding the type of yarn. All the wool used is fairly standard and should be available from good wool stockists. 

There are also instructions about creating bears from recycled yarn as “Teddy bears aren’t fussy and can be made from oddments left over from other projects”. 

The pattern designer, Sandra Polley, is an experienced crafter and has used this knowledge to create some truly special bears. This is a lovely book for anyone who loves knitting teddy bears, and is equally lovely for those who like to look at good-looking bears, and then maybe persuade someone else into making them. 

My thanks to NetGalley and Anova Books for my ecopy of this book. 

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