The 50 Book Challenge in 2021🌠

This is my 50 book challenge for 2021

I'll keep this updated as I go along.

A book that has been on my bookshelf for more than 5 years 

A big fat book with more than 500 pages 

A skinny book with less than 200 pages 

A short story - a book with less than 70 pages  

A romantic story 

A murder /mystery story  - The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse
A gritty crime story  

A historical fiction nove

A book for children 

A novel that is book one in a series new to me 

A book by a favourite author 

A book with a number in the title  

A book that scared me 

A young adult book  

A book of poems  

A book by a debut author
A book with an interesting title  

A book that's a film or a play 
A book with a cat in it  

A book I bought for myself 

A Book with a flower in the title 

A book by an author I have read before 

A book by an author who is new to me 

A non-fiction book

A book from an author I love

A book a friend recommended 

A book signed to me by the author 

A book with a theme

A book that made me laugh out loud 

A book that is very popular 

A summer story 

A feel-good story 

A book I'm excited about 

An audio book  

A book with animal in its title 

A book with a girl's name in the title 

A book that made me cry 

A book from my wish list 

A book originally written in a different language 

A book that surprised me in a good way 

A book considered to be a classic 

A book set in England

A book set in Scotland 

A book set in Ireland 

A book set in Wales 

A book set in America 

A book set in Asia 

A book set in Australia 
A book set in Europe

A Christmas themed Book  

©Jaffareadstoo 2021 


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